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Introductory 2 Assessment

Melissa Hagen

I'm itching to get some words written here, so let us see, where to start. 

I had my Introductory 2 assessment this last weekend and just like my first, it was an exhilarating and uplifting experience. Nothing like it to teach you which parts you have yet to learn. I loved getting to visit Constance's studio in Houston, getting to meet my peers who flew in from all over, getting to invoke together, soothed by the few familiar things, my sharp as a tack study buddy Mary, whom I was so thankful for, my Moon Mat. I prepared my pranayama setup so carefully, knowing that any slightly incorrect prop placement could make my neck or upper back complain during the half an hour or so we would be laying for. My poses felt strong, my balance steady. My forty minute teaching demonstration passed so quickly, and before I knew it the whirlwind weekend was over.

It feels good. To relax. To work consistently, over a long period of time towards a distant goal and then to achieve it and then to be able to relax. Savasana. 

I'm looking forward to the halloween workshop for George Purvis. I managed to get a rare Saturday off and I'll take notes to post on the sequence.