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Jawahar 11/6



Jawahar 11/6

Melissa Hagen

After three days of classes with Jawahar I am reminded that even poses that I have done one thousand times can be new again. He refined and refined us, and I feel like I received so much high quality information from those few moments. It always astounds me how long we hold the postures and how a good teacher can keep speaking while holding us there, taking our awareness to all these different points in our bodies, and before we know it, we are recruiting all of these parts to act at the same time, in unison, like all the members of a band working together to create an incredible song! 

One thing I noticed was that when he prepared us to chant was that he almost put us in a seated savansana. "Separate the outer ears from the inner ears" and make the mind passive to prepare to chant.

We did lots of backbends, lots of shoulder work, moving the shoulder blades into the back ribs, opening the chest. Lots of rope wall and chair stuff.


I think I understand a little more clearly what I mentioned yesterday about Chair Sarvangasana. With the legs resting on the chair back, the part of the body that carries the most weight is the legs and sacrum on the chair. The cervical spine should lift up away from the blankets as the outer shoulders ground. We should not compress the neck, we have to learn to lift the cervical even when the legs are up in supported viparita karani (which is what he called it, but I thought it was just normal chair sarvangasan?) I experimented taking my legs back and forth and its true, legs rest, cervical lifts. Legs come up and I have to dig my sacrum in to keep my cervical lifting. Not sure if it's explained well, but try it, you'll see! 

I'm honored to be a beacon of Iyengar Yoga for my students!